“Gotta catch them all”- on your TO DO list

“Gotta catch them all”- on your TO DO list

Is everywhere, everyone knows it and it has gained popularity in an incredible short period of time. “Gotta catch them all” is the new slogan and apparently the new must-have of every smartphone owner.

If you still don’t know why 80% of people walking on the streets, looking they are all lost tourist or as they are searching for some sort of treasure, it is because of the new phenomenon: Pokemon Go.

The generations as a one

Since its launch, the app looks like it had a great success and brought with it a lot of positive influence on people. The app motivates people to exercise more, socialize and even travel the world.

So, should we consider the fact that Pokemon Go could also help the economy? People are using Ubers to travel from a place to another in order to catch the characters and either it could become a great motivation for people to travel around the world.

The app took over as well social media platforms such as Tweeter, where in just one week people tweeted 15.3 million post about Pokemon Go. (source: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-36824737)

But how should we look at this new app from a new perspective, even though it has its negative parts as any other services?

We have to see it as a whole, as an unique opportunity to see the real world through the virtual one.  Nevertheless, one of the most important aspects is that it connects the new and future generations, which did not have the chance to experience Pokemon in the 90’s, with the ones who had this opportunity, or vice versa.

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