The Online World of Hunting

The Online World of Hunting

Finding your dream hunt a few decades ago was a difficult thing to do, something that was mostly done simply through word of mouth. But, with the online world progressing constantly, you can now quickly find an array of worldwide hunts at your fingertips, ranging from musk ox hunting in Greenland to buffalo hunting in Cape Town.

How has the internet affected the world of hunting?

The internet has literally done wonders for the world of hunting. It can fill us with inspiration, enable us to see a number of hunting reports for specific excursions in seconds and allow us to see reviews that have been left for specific hunting companies. All of this can make it much easier for us to pick a pre-planned excursion, or plan a unique one of our own.

Planning a customised trip would be difficult if we could not access the internet. How would you know which company would be the best one to go with? How would you be able to gather all of the information needed to fine-tune your trip? You might want to hunt a specific species of animal, and a quick internet search can enable you to do just that. You can then go on to contact companies for free to access even more information and customer support.

Is it easy to arrange a hunting trip via the internet?

Arranging a hunting trip via the internet is one of the easiest things to do. All you really have to know beforehand is the name of the destination that you want to go to, and the trophy that you are looking to collect while you are there. Even if you aren’t completely certain about a destination, you can still contact the company directly, most companies will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

You can even go even further and choose a specific style of hunting, to ensure that your trip is exactly what you want it to be. Every detail is tailored to your own needs, with most companies offering a 1:1 or 2:1 hunter-to-guide ratio. Silence is the golden rule to any hunt, with no acoustic plaster to displace your noise you will have to be as quiet as possible.

Going into detail with a company will allow you to control everything that happens, while they advise you on what would be best. Things that are usually taken into consideration include accommodation, meals, whether or not you have the right fitness level for a specific terrain and how you will get to and from the hunting location. Typically when you are going out hunting, you are in the middle of a forest or somewhere else deserted, because these are the best hunting locations. Because the places are so far from the wider city, you need to have all of your car-materials with you. It is not all of the hunting locations that have signal to the internat, which is why it is a great idea to find the most important car equipment to store in your trunk. Cheap-coilovers-com is a website that sells these materials. They sell equipment from brands such as Bilstein, H&R and Eibach.

What type of excursions can be arranged over the internet?

Your imagination really is the limit when it comes to the different types of excursions that can be arranged using the internet, as there is something out there for every type of hunter. Essentially, if there is a particular trophy that you want to add to your collection, or a particular location that you want to visit, you can.

Two of our favourite excursions from Rainsford Hunting include:


  • Musk ox hunting in Greenland.


It doesn’t get more wild than hunting musk ox in Greenland, surrounded by the rural landscape for just a handful of days. Accommodation in Greenland comes in the form of a military-grade tent that is fully stocked with everything that you need to be comfortable. Getting to and from the campsite is easy, using either an ATV, a car, or a boat to get to specific hunting spots. The best thing about this particular excursion is that it comes with a near 100% success rate.


  • Buffalo hunting in South Africa.


Finding a hunter that does not want to hunt in Africa would be difficult, as Africa is a dream location for most hunters. Buffalo hunting takes place over the course of a week and accommodation comes in the form of a beautiful river lodge. Hunting in this location enables you to set out a specific ambush plan, learning new techniques on the way. This excursion usually has a 90% success rate, so it is highly likely that you will get your trophy!

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