5 tips for cooking

5 tips for cooking

We often think of Feng Shui as an art for harmonizing the room or the living room, yet this ancient Chinese art also applies to cooking, which symbolically represents health, family, and fortune. By applying some basic principles, you can make your kitchen a harmonious place; conducive to the best dishes and moments of conviviality. There is no need to consider the location of the kitchen in the house or the nature of the floor to make some first arrangements. If the ideal position of the kitchen is south-east, or east – to promote the flow of energy – these tips will help you create a beautiful harmony even with a kitchen in a north-west position!

Keep your kitchen clean and tidy

As with all other rooms in the house, the basic principles of Feng Shui remain clean and tidy. An essential rule in the kitchen, where hygiene must be impeccable since the food is stored there, cooked meals and often shared meals.

So be sure to store each item in its place and avoid leaving behind papers, letters, drugs, toys… Cookbooks are welcome, but leave your favorite novels in the library of the living room.

Let it circulate

Feng Shui aims to promote good circulation of “chi.” This movement should not be too fast, because it would scare the energy, nor too slow, under the possibility of stagnation. To achieve this balance, ensure that your kitchen is not overloaded, that the work surfaces are clear, and that there is, if possible, a window.

The central furniture is not recommended because it clutters the room and adds salient corners, which impede the circulation of the “chi.” If however, you like to have a central piece of furniture, it’s possible!

To keep your kitchen comfortable and safe, arrange it so that you do not turn your back on the door when you’re cooking.

Make fire and water cohabit

One of the essential principles of Feng Shui is that water and fire are incompatible because the first one extinguishes the second. You have to apply this principle when arranging the kitchen because the sink and refrigerator must not mix with the oven and stove!

If your room is big enough, separate the “water” and “fire” elements as much as possible. For example, avoid placing the oven (even the microwave) close to the refrigerator.

Be moderate

For the decoration of your Feng Shui kitchen, the key word is moderation. Which is not synonymous with austerity. Moderation, in this case, must be happy. The goal is to avoid the accumulation of objects while maintaining a warm and personal atmosphere.

Avoid excessive furniture and accessories, but do not create a monastic kitchen! Just keep in mind that some items do not really need to be exposed, especially knives that symbolically break the links. Keep them well hidden in a drawer!

In Feng Shui, the role of symbols is important. For example, the fridge should not remain empty for too long, because abundance (or its appearance) attracts plenty … On the walls, choose images that evoke joy, like a scene of life full of joy, a bright landscape, colorful market stalls … Acoustics ceilings by Fadeceilings delivers a high-quality plastering system that will absorb unwanted noise in the environment,

Maximize Luminosity

Keep in mind that the goal of Feng Shui (for simplicity) is that you feel the best you can. All these recommendations aim to increase your well-being, your sense of security, your energy. A harmony that fully involves lighting. If you are lucky enough to have plenty of natural light, this is perfect. But that’s not always possible. In any case, create many bright spots and install multiple electrical light sources in your kitchen.


In Feng Shui, the kitchen is a space that connects us to the very principle of pleasure and sensuality. Food connects us with the pleasure of tasting, savoring and sharing. In this space, our senses are awakened: the touch, the sight, and the smell are particularly stimulated. Therefore, taking time to eat and take in energy should not be underestimated. The moments spent in the kitchen space must be happy. Always remember to enjoy a nice kitchen, even in the airport, where you can use luggagehero.com to help store your luggage while you are enjoying a well prepped meal with your loved ones.

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