A mix of green and electrical future

A mix of green and electrical future

This year is about technology, major changes in the world, and making decisions.

People are focusing more and more on having a healthier, easier and more organized life in this chaotic mixture of different external factors measured by time.

Tesla brought this year a list of amazing news and changes that they are going to operate with according to their masterplan for the near future.

The green plan

Due to the fact that we need more sustainability in our lives and to adopt a “greener” lifestyle, Elon Musk, CEO and founder of TESLA, mentioned as one of their bullet points is a solar power based roof with integrated battery storage.

Following the same line, Tesla will probably launch next year, still being under a stage of development, electric urban transports and semi-trucks.

Hopefully, this small changes added to the growth of the world, will motivate people to look differently at the environment.

Independence and safety

Another two interesting innovations that Tesla will offer is a more safe self-driving car. This feature will come along with a fail-operational software, which means even if your car has any issues regarding the system it will still drive itself safely.

Tesla will come along with an app which can make your car generate income for you, lowering the price of its ownership.

If we take each positive aspect of Tesla’s new features and updates, more people will be able to afford and own an electric car, making their life easier and more efficient, contributing to the health of the environment.

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