EU student in the UK after BREXIT

EU student in the UK after BREXIT

The educational sector in the United Kingdom plays a meaningful role both in the economical field, generating a high level of profit, and in its community, UK being one of the most popular studying destinations for a lot of EU and non-EU students.

How EU students should look at the situation after the Brexit?

A high number of young people voted that UK must remain in the European Union, which means that the majority of them are students and they aware of how the consequences if UK will exit the European Union.

Having in mind that one of the most important aspects that students are concerned about is the effect that Brexit will have on the economy.

Because of the impact of inflation, the costs of living will ascend, and also students who have applied for student finances, which includes for example loans for their studies or bursaries, might be concerned of what the future would bring.

However, due to the fact that the process of exiting the European Union Area it will take a longer time, students being in the 2016 and 2017 academic year will still benefit from the loans they have applied for.

Is this a moment of discouragement?

Every decision that will be made will not have an immediate impact on the EU students studying in the United Kingdom, neither regarding the student finances nor Erasmus.

Yet we have to keep in mind the fact that EU students are a valuable asset for the UK’s community and they do not need to be discouraged because by getting highly educated, in return, they will implement their knowledge and help UK’s economy function.

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